Doctor Coach

Don't teach more, coach better!

Online Modules

These interactive web-based modules are designed around the Doctor Coach program for clinical teaching. The program helps clinical coaches to examine their own teaching skills, and to implement coaching strategies to improve them. The coaching strategies are applicable to any clinical setting, and are appropriate for clinical faculty, community preceptors, and residents-as-teachers. Each module may be completed for CME credit as well.

Coming 2016!

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Each module will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and includes:

  • Reflective questions to help coaches reflect on their past teaching experiences and to assist them in identifying strengths and targeting their own learning needs;
  • Brief primers or instructions about coaching strategies that coaches can implement immediately with learners;
  • Coaching tools to help coaches implement the strategies with their own learners.
  • Practice assignments to return to their daily clinical teaching and to practice the coaching strategy using the associated coaching tool with one or more learners.

Coaches-in-training begin by completing the "Introduction to Clinical Coaching" module, which includes:

  • An overview of the Doctor Coach framework;
  • A self-assessment to determine which coaching strategies would most help their teaching
  • An individualized coaching plan to improve their coaching skills, which includes selecting the modules that will most help them to meet their goals.

After completing the Introduction to Clinical Coaching and Individualized Coaching Plan, coaches-in-training may complete the modules in any order. Upon completing each modules' practice assignment, coaches-in-training return to this website and respond to questions about their practice until the goals of their individualized coaching plan are met. At that time the coaches-in-training update their individualized plan, receive CME credit, identify new goals and select a new module to further the development of their coaching practice.